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Onrus Vermont Neighbourhood Watch Group

About Community Based Crime Prevention

A little bit about OnVerWag (Onrus-Vermont Neighbourhood Watch)

Our neighbourhood watch group operates in Onrus and Vermont, just outside Hermanus, in the Western Cape of South Africa. OnVerWag is headed up by a passionate team of local people who came together to ensure a safe crime free environment is maintained in our community. The group was started in July 2015 and born out of a desire to keep crime out of our locality. Onrus and Vermont are quiet residential villages that have enjoyed the peace of the mountain views and the roar of the ocean for years. We welcome hundreds of holiday makers annually and it is important for us as locals to ensure crime is kept off our streets and out of our homes.

OnVerWag works hand in hand with local law enforcement groups

We work closely with The South African Police Service (SAPS) and also with local Security companies. We are busy processing formal agreements with ADT and Overstrand Municipality. OnVerWag has members of our Executive Committee sitting on various community forums including, JOCOM (Joint Operations Committee), The CPF (The Community Police Forum,) The Ward Committee, The Onrus Rate Payers Association and The Vermont Rate Payers Association.

Onrus-Vermont Neighbourhood Watch operates in accordance with DOCS (The Western Cape Department of Community Safety). We are a Non-Profit organisation registered with the Department of Social Development. Our Area Patrollers all have police clearance, stipulated training and The SAPS approved identity cards. 

OnVerWag enjoys positive support from the Onrus and Vermont community. Our membership grows on a weekly basis and we have various projects and initiatives that require and encourage community involvement. If you would like to know more about what’s happening then pop across to our ‘What’s Happening?’ page and follow The OnVerWag Blog.

Our Executive Committee permits a 15 person representation. We are actively seeking  skilled members of our community to come and join the OnVerWag Committee. If you believe that your skill-set could be of value to the group then please contact us.

OnVerWag Executive Committee Filled Portfolios


Abner Inghels
082 323 5433

Patrols Management

Eddie Holloway
076 241 3080

Vice Chairman

Japie Louw
071 819 3831


Michiel de Kock
083 468 8194

Vermont Ratepayers

Jan Roodbol
028 316 2873


Caroline Gabb
082 554 0811

Incident Register

Anne Droomer
082 702 7557

Community & Patrols

Jan Voster
073 276 6125


Penny Wieffering


Michelle Naude
076 617 8203

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