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The Owl of OnVerWag is at Your Service

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Community, Neighbourhood Watch

Onverwag was established in 2015 to serve the community of Onrus and Vermont. We are so much more than just people who drive around in cars looking out for you.

But what exactly is it that we do and how can you benefit from being a member?


Peace of mind

Your permanent residence or holiday home will be safer when under the watchful eye of our patrolling Owls.

Quality of life

Children can safely play on our streets. Cycle, run and walk your dogs in a protected environment.

Local Business

We will soon be showcasing all local businesses on our website that are Onverwag members. What a bargain to have some added publicity.


An interactive page that keeps you up to date with goings on. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this page.


Dedicated patrols of volunteers that keep a beady eye on our streets.

Public Safety and Accountability Meetings

Keep up to date with safety initiatives and meet your committee as well as other role players.

Other role players

We work very closely with SAPS and local Armed response companies. OnVerWag also works hand in hand with Overstrand Public Protection, MCS – Marine, Coastal and Surveillance and The local Community Police Forum (CPF). We have committee members on various other local committees and have regular attendance at local JOCOM meetings.


Property prices will escalate in a no or low crime area.


We regularly host fund raising events that are loads of fun for the whole family. Meet your neighbours and bring a friend.


We have an informative website that we are in the process of developing into a ‘Go To’ site for anyone wanting to find out more about our neighbourhood. Got anything on your mind? Contact us here


WhatsApp Groups

There are three groups, chat, crime and SOS. A great form of on the spot communication. Chat is for good neighbourliness. Crime is to report a crime or something suspicious. SOS is to alert the patrollers to a crime in the process or a situation that is threatening.



We are in the process of raising funds so that we can bring in a whole new level of safety and security.

WOW, that is a lot of stuff that we bring to the table!
Do you know what you have to do to be a part of this? Pay an annual subscription and display an Onverwag number on your house.

We may from time to time ask for donations, which are entirely at your discretion. This is to raise money for our ongoing CCTV project. Joining in on our fund-raising events which give you the opportunity to meet others in your community, are loads of fun.

All of our members are volunteers and give tirelessly of their time. If ever you are at a loose end and are looking to do something to contribute to our beautiful spot that we live in, then why not become a volunteer. It is rewarding and you will meet other likeminded people.


If you have a desire to keep lawlessness out of our locality, thereby ensuring a safe and crime free environment then please sign up and become a member. It goes without saying that the more members we have, the better the service that we can deliver.

Have a look at our membership form and join today. Let us all work together as neighbours!


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