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Light Up “Dark Spots” – Reduce Crime in Onrus-Vermont! |
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Light Up “Dark Spots” – Reduce Crime in Onrus-Vermont!

by | Apr 16, 2016

Please leave outside lights on at night!

OnVerWag are working hard with The SAPS and local armed Response units to reduce and eradicate crime in Onrus and Vermont. However, this is a community effort and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Here’s a simple and easy way you can do something practical to help reduce crime: Leave energy efficient lights on over night. If you are already implementing this at your home then, great! Please encourage your neighbours to do the same.

Tell your neighbours!

How many houses on your street keep an outside light on over night?  Dark Streets are one of the contributing factors that make our homes a target. This is something we as residents can take immediate control of! We encourage everyone to speak with their neighbours and others on their street. Inform people about this initiative. It is a simple, cost-efficient and an effective way that we can all help make things more difficult for criminals targeting our communities.

“Dark Spots” – a serious hazard!

The current ‘lack of night light’ in Onrus and Vermont is inviting to people who want to commit crime. The SAPS, OnVerWag and local armed response operators all run vehicle patrols regularly within our area. Our feedback on “dark areas” is consistent, there are a huge number of them! However, a large number of the “dark spots” can dramatically be removed or improved by residents leaving appropriate lighting on at night. When there is no light surrounding your property it results in good hiding places for criminals on and around your plot. Simply putting economical outside lighting in place throughout the night time can help make a positive difference to visibility. In Addition to our streets, lighting up the green-belts is an issue. We are busy planning viable solutions to combat this with the assistance of various community based role-players.

What about my electricity bill?

Day Night Sensor Energy Saver light bulbs

Available at your local hardware store

Questioning the effect that leaving lights on overnight might have on your electricity bill is a valid concern. However, there is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to overcome this. Day Night Sensor Energy Saver light bulbs are a great solution. These work the same way a normal light bulb would except that they are light sensitive. No more forgetting to switch your outside lights on and off! The bulbs activate once they detect low light (evening). They deactivate once they detect full light (morning). The bulbs are energy saving so the cost impact on a household’s electricity bill in minimal. We would kindly suggest that this is a far cheaper solution than the consequential losses incurred by household theft.

Holiday Letting Agents & Non-permanent Home Owners

If you own a Holiday Letting business in the area, you run a local property maintenance company or you do not live in your Onrus-Vermont property permanently then we need to speak with you. Please could you get in touch with OnVerWag by phone or email. There is important security information that we need to share with you for the safety of your properties and our community as a whole.