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Onrus-Vermont CCTV Camera Information |
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Onrus-Vermont CCTV Camera Information

by | Apr 16, 2016

Onrus-Vermont CCTV Project Phases

We are currently in Phase One of the Onrus-Vermont CCTV camera project. This means that OnVerWag are busy doing our due diligence with regards to the planning and budget involved with the initiative. However, currently we have received donations of R20,000+. Accurate figures will be released as part of our Annual General Meeting (to be announced) but current investigations give an initial budget estimation of around R300,000+ for the project. We have not yet completed the planning and budget phase of the project as we take our responsibility to the Onrus-Vermont community very seriously. Due to this, we are investing time and patience to ensure that we get the best CCTV camera solution for Onrus and Vermont. This will secure the best use of Onrus Vermont Neighbourhood watch funds. Our planning phase includes working with the municipality to locate a suitable operations center for OnVerWag within our area. We are currently in positive communication with them with regards to this. We will be updating our information about the project regularly via The OnVerWag blog. If you have input that you believe is valuable to this project then please contact us.

Why do we need CCTV cameras?

Recent studies have shown a major increase in crime for Onrus-Vermont. CCTV cameras are one of the most effective tools and information resources for combating crime.

Where are the cameras going ?

  1. All entrance and exit routes in Onrus-Vermont
  2. Identified hotspots in the area
    Hotspot areas are being clearly identified through careful consolidation of data from OnVerWag patrols mapping and data provided by local law enforcement groups including The SAPS.

What cameras are we buying?

  1. Vehicle licence plate recognition capabilities
  2. Facial recognition (up to 1.2km)
  3. Solar powered backup

How much are the cameras?

Due diligence is being carried out by OnVerWag. We are working with various private and public parties to establish the best investment for our community.

Who monitors the cameras?

24/7 CCTV camera monitoring will be in place. This requires funding. We are currently in discussions with our local municipality for a suitable premise to operate from within our area.

How can you get involved?

The project needs committed members of our community to get behind the CCTV camera initiative. We need funding contributions and professional advisory personnel.

The Onrus-Vermont CCTV project got off to a fantastic start at our Onrus-Vermont Unplugged event for Earth Hour. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, check out our gallery below to see what went on at Davies Pool, Onrus – you really missed something special! We are thankful for the support of our local business owners and musicians who gave there time and resources to making the event possible.

Here’s a little bit more about the CCTV camera project if you couldn’t attend our recent public meeting/s. We will be posting regular progress updates regarding the Onrus-Vermont CCTV project, funding and implementation over the coming months. Watch this space!

Earth Hour: Onrus-Vermont Unplugged Gallery

Thanks to ALL who supported this event in your differing capacities

If you have more photos for our gallery then please send them through to us!